Friday, 30 September 2016

What to avoid if you wish to make your IVF a success?

IVF is a sensitive process and in order to make it a success, certain precautions needs to be taken. IVF Expert in Delhi NCR provides you this list of precautions:
IVF Expert in Delhi NCR

  1. Do not eat junk foods and try to follow a strictly balanced diet before starting an IVF process.
  2. Do not become a couch lady, try to exercise in moderation. Once you have reached an optimal level, you will be able to respond well.
  3. Try to avoid consuming caffeine and reduce your intake of caffeinated beverages to 1 or 2 per day. Kick out any smoking habits and also limit your alcohol intake seriously.
  4. Since fishes are high in mercury, try to consume them as less as you can
  5. Do not try to lift anything heavy otherwise IVF will not be successful to your body.
  6. Do not stress up thinking that you are spending a lot on IVF procedure. Practice relaxation techniques like acupuncture, breathing exercise, yoga and others.
  7. Enjoy and relax as much as you can. Some research suggests that lowering stress levels may improve IVF success rates.
  8. Rest is always an important factor during pregnancy as the developing eggs will take up a lot of space and energy from your body.
  9. Start consuming a prenatal vitamin prior to your cycles. Your doctor can better prescribe something.
  10. Implement the right adjustments before, during and after the IVF procedure to improve your chances of conception and get the healthiest possible baby.
Dr. Punnet Kochhar

This is just an insight. Do not underestimate the knowledge and suggestions of your doctor anyways. Keep following and get consultation regularly to help your body go through the process.  


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