Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Evolution of IVF in Indian Society

There have been almost as high as 50% jump in fertility in last 10 years in India, with women delaying childbirth and marriage while focusing on their careers. There is also an increase in conditions like premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian diseases or other that are contributor of infertility increase. Sperm counts too, has decreased in last few years. All this has greatly contributed to infertility amongst the couples that are in their thirties or forties.
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And this, in turn has resulted in an increased demand of assisted reproductive technologies and best IVF Treatment Doctor in Delhi. What earlier was considered to be a taboo has now become a common therapy for the couple today. Couples nowadays walk into IVF clinics and consulting the best IVF Specialist in Delhi about assisted reproduction which itself indicates the rising incidences of such cases. While the process is beneficial for all but the chances of conceiving get lesser after a particular age.
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The other factor that has increased the instances of IVF being used is the introduction of better and new technologies in this field. This also has led to increased rate of success and extension of the treatment to those who had adoption as the alternative till now. Those men who are dealing with infertility can now allow extracting the sperms surgically and injecting a single sperm into the egg under the microscope. One the egg is fertilized, it can then be placed in to the womb of women and the rest is history!


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