Thursday, 16 February 2017

Ways of diagnosing male infertility

Male infertility is also becoming a concerning issue for men. The number of male infertility is taking large shape gradually in our society. Hence unlike female infertility, male also has to go through number of test and diagnostic evaluation to find out the accurate reason of infertility in them. To ensure the treatment process of male infertility factors infertility doctor in Delhi go through a thorough physical examination. The examination chiefly includes the medical history pertinent to potential contributing factor.
Following are the test and diagnose are conducted by the best ivf treatment specialist in delhi to evaluate the infertility reasons:

Semen test: Semen analysis test is conducted to determine the number and the quality of sperm. With the help of semen analysis test, it is easy for them to assess sperm count, sperm motility, sperm abnormality etc.
Blood Test: Blood test is always considered a configurable method of medical assessment and examining. Through blood test, infertility doctor in Delhi check for infections or any hormonal problem. Hormonal issues are always regarded as one of the deciding factors for fertility.

Moreover, physical examining of penis, scrotum and bladder is also conducted to ensure the contributing factor. An infertility expert makes a culture of fluid from the penis to check the infections. However in view of the best IVF doctor in Delhi, semen analysis is the most important component of male infertility testing. For some reason or other, the male partner may find it comfortable to do semen analyzing test in the privacy of their own home. For that matter In-home testing kits are also available for them.

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